Loan Default And Behind On Your Home Loan?

Loan Default And Behind On Your Home Loan? Loan Guides Example

Peter and Paula found themselves in financial difficulty after a loss in the family.

Both are in long term PAYG employment, however as a result of the loss they had accumulated significant unexpected expenses and were now behind on many of their existing financial commitments resulting in a mortgage with defaults.

They were left with multiple defaults totalling $6,500 and had two late payments on their home loan as well.


Peter and Paula did not want to lose their property at Athelstone so were keen to refinance their home loan and three other unsecured, to avoid the late fees that continued to occur due to the home loan default.

Because the defaults were related to a one off life event and were individually all under $2,000 we managed to approve the loan with our Specialist Clear Loan product.

Peter and Paula were then able to move on with their lives after a very trying time thanks to our default loan help.

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